1. Develop template for the online courses in line with accepted formats and best practice.

2. Organize workshops for course content development.

Two working sessions are proposed for 2015. The objective of a first session will be to produce outlines of the courses and exercises, assignment of task for course content elaboration by theme specialists according to the agreed outlines and guidelines. The objective of the second session will be the assemblage of course contents, the internal validation of content by the theme specialists and the upload of course contents on the Moodle Platform. The second meeting will include a 4-days session for assemblage/internal validation, a 1-day session for Moodle training and a 2-days session for uploading on Moodle

3. Organize training sessions for professors of the partners Universities in West Africa

The objective of the session for African professors will be to teach West African professors in geosciences on how to use the on-line resources. A detailed overview of the course content will be presented to ensure that all local staff are aware of the resources.

4. Organize information sessions for the students of partners Universities in West Africa

The objective of the session for the students will be to inform the students about the on-line resources and encourage them to make efficient use of these resources in their studies.

 5. Course content validation

Digital course content will be reviewed and certified by a committee composed of international scientific experts. The original digital content and the intellectual property of authors will be protected

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