GEOLOOC-WA: Open access resources in geology made in Africa for Africa, and filling the specific needs of students and professors

The “Geology Open On-line Courses – West Africa” (GEOLOOC-WA) is contributing to the enhancement of knowledge-sharing in Geosciences by building a regional training network with special emphasis on African geology and related topics including best practices for exploration and extraction of natural resources and minerals, environmental issues, engineering geology and water resources. The GEOLOOC-WA action will augment the capacity of West African academics to provide quality graduate level courses that reflect the latest state of the art in science, applied to and drawn from the specific geological problems found in the sub-region. It will emphasize local content, based especially on Africa’s geological and cultural legacy. The development of a web portal for the Geosciences in West Africa will also facilitate the application of recent scientific advances to the local geological contexts, and hopefully will make the most talented students aware of the rapidly evolving frontiers in geosciences.

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